Why Do We Keep Pet Animals at Home?

Many people argue that the main reason for having a pet is to fill a need for human connection. This may be true, but many people keep pets as a way to replace their relationships with other humans. Many elderly people find comfort in a lovable lap dog, which can replace human contact and fight boredom. The right breed of pet can help with both of these needs. However, before choosing a dog as a pet, you should consider the following considerations.

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Pets bring a sense of responsibility. According to a survey conducted by the American Pet Product Association, 58 percent of respondents said that having a pet makes their children responsible. Some pets are even great guard dogs, protecting the home and its owner while they are out running or walking. In addition to fostering a sense of responsibility, owning a pet can help children learn valuable skills. For example, Albert Einstein once watched his cat Tiger move around before he walked. And Florence Nightingale was inspired by an injured dog.

There are countless reasons why people keep pet animals at home. Some of these reasons include lower pressure and anxiety and a more positive outlook. Pets also boost levels of dopamine in the cells of our bodies, a happy hormone that can help people recover from heart attacks. Pets help us grow as people. They teach us non-verbal communication, which becomes part of our everyday lives and helps us understand the emotions of other people.

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