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Mirror Placement in Living Room

If you’re considering a mirror placement in your living room, there are several important points to consider. A mirror is a practical accent piece and should not be placed opposite a toilet or directly over a bed. It should also be placed away from windows and the setting sun. Place small mirrors on small walls, and large ones on large walls. Mixing large and small mirrors will give the room more interest and balance.

Oversized mirrors create a focal point and draw attention to the focal point. Large framed mirrors also add depth and can be more decorative than tiny ones. Large floor mirrors are also a great option. If space is limited, choose floor mirrors. A circular mirror will give your living room a more spacious appearance. Floating vanities can be paired with round mirrors to create a sleek, minimalist aesthetic savefromnet.

Placement of a large mirror behind a fireplace creates a sense of space in a narrow room. Large mirrored pieces bounce light back into the room, making recesses and corners appear larger. A large mirror behind a light source can also act as an additional window. The right mirror placement will give your living room a more spacious feel and make a large fireplace seem more attractive. A large framed mirror will also give a room a dramatic effect, while a small framed mirror will make it feel more open and spacious solonvet.com.

A full-length mirror placed between two windows will spread light throughout the room. A longer mirror belongs in a rectangular room. However, smaller, shorter mirrors should be hung at eye level. A low-lit living room with comfortable furniture and a glass coffee table will be the perfect fit for a mirror. While you’ll find some unique mirror placements in the market, it’s important to follow Vastu principles and make sure that you’re placing your mirror appropriately dseklms.com.

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