Cheap Easy Dinner Ideas For Family

You can cook tasty, healthy meals for your family on a tight budget. Some recipes cost less than $5, and you can double or triple the quantity of the recipes to feed a large family. Other ideas for inexpensive family dinners include a honey glazed ham and a creamy potato casserole. Pulled pork is also a cheap and delicious main dish. It can be sliced into sandwiches and served with coleslaw or tacos. The book What to Cook for Less Than $10 is full of exciting and flavorful ways to feed a family on a budget.

One inexpensive, easy dinner idea for a family is to bake pasta. This can be done with pantry staples, or it can be topped with anything from diced vegetables to shredded mozzarella cheese. This dish is great for kids because they can customize it to suit their tastes. Microwaved potatoes take about 5 minutes to prepare. Baked potatoes require 45 minutes in a 450-degree oven. You can use leftovers, or add seasonings and butter to make them more exciting.

A low-cost, family meal plan can cost under $50 a week. The best way to ensure you eat nutritious meals is to plan ahead of time. Meal planning can be done with Pinterest recipes or using services such as $5 Meal Plan. By implementing a plan, you can be sure your family won’t eat anything too heavy or expensive. The shopping list for low-cost foods is not much different from an expensive one. Buying items on sale is the key to saving money and eating a delicious meal.

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