Advertising on Gemini TV

Gemini TV is one of the leading msndrugs television channels in India. It airs several different types of serials and movies. The latest is the Sapthamathrika serial that started airing on 25th July 2016. This is a Tamil-language drama with Pradeep kumar as the lead character. Another popular serial on Gemini TV is Agni Poolu, which airs from golpanews Monday to Saturday at 8 p.m. The plot revolves around four friends and the character Neelaveni. There is also another serial, called Keratalu, which is an upcoming Tamil serial that airs every Monday to saturday at 8.30 p.m.

Advertising on picdeer Gemini TV costs very little compared to other advertising formats. The rate is one of the lowest in the industry. The rates are listed per second of airtime. For example, if your advertisement runs for 10 seconds, you will pay Rs 300 x 10 seconds = Rs 3,000. The rates will vary depending on the timeband and the qeep number of viewers. For more information, visit the Media Option and Pricing tab.

Another advantage of Gemini TV is its diverse selection of shows. The channel features shows from every genre, from scenerymagazine children’s shows to adult dramas. Whether you’re looking for a musical drama or an action movie, Gemini TV has it all. The network’s loyal audience makes it an excellent place for ad placement.

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