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10 Best Real Estate Postcard Ideas

Postcards are crucial in real estate marketing. They act as a marketing instrument and help promote business, build relationships with potential clients, strengthen brand image, and generate real estate leads.

Additionally, postcards are more cost-effective than other marketing tools. And if you opt for mass mailing, they can reach several potential clients simultaneously.

To get more ideas on postcards, keep reading.

Real Estate Postcard Ideas to Generate Leads

1. Open House Cards

Open house postal cards inform the people in the area that an event will soon be held. This can be a great strategy to connect with prospective buyers. Include the event details like address, time, etc., on the card. You can also attach a freebie like a discount coupon to convince them to attend your event.

2.  Expose the Listings

You can seize the opportunity by sending a postcard. A postcard will help grab the seller’s attention and inform them that you can be an expert in selling any property at affordable prices. This way, agents can target more sellers through direct mail campaigns.

3.  Social Media Marketing

If your real estate business has a robust social media presence, ensure that your card recipients know this. You can include social media links and your card’s website details. This makes the postcard genuine and gives people a chance to know about you better. It can also act as a pitch, letting them know that you can provide similar social media exposure to their listing.

4. Free Workshop/Webinar Invitation

Hosting a relevant workshop can help you build a good relationship with your clients. By hosting events, you can showcase your expertise and services as well.

Send a postcard invitation for a free workshop/webinar and stand out from other real estate agents. This strategy will assist you in increasing your client network.

5. Just-Listed Postcard

One of the simplest ways to start your marketing is through a Just-Listed postcard. It is like an announcement in the area about a new listing. People can compare their houses with others on the list in terms of pricing and features. These postcards will help to initiate interest in the seller and capture potential buyers’ attention.

6. Agent Introduction Card

This is an excellent way of presenting yourself to the market. You can send a postal card informing you about your services and expertise to your potential clients. Your leads will know how you can help them list, sell, and buy a home. Mention your contact details, company’s logo, etc., on the card.

7. Anniversary Card

Buying a home is an emotional moment and an occasion to celebrate. Continue bonding with your customers by sending them a “Happy Anniversary” after closing the deal. The happy customer will help you promote your business by recommending your company to others.

8. Commercial Real Estate Card

If your service deals with commercial properties, sending a postcard targeting commercial clients is better. Ensure you highlight the primary services and advantages you can provide to your valuable clients.

9. Referral Postcard

This is a foolproof marketing technique to generate real estate leads. You can offer your current client a gift or a deal in exchange for referring your company to their friends and relatives.

10.  Non-Promotional Card

A unique way of presenting yourself as the friendly next-door agent is by occasionally sending a postcard with a non-promotional message. You do not always have to talk about yourself. Instead, you can write something for the benefit of the recipients. For example, you can add tips for the new buyers/sellers, ideas for home decor, etc.


Real estate postcards work wonders because they help you create a bond and connect with clients. You can use them to inform and provide solutions superstep.

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